Creative Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower IdeasBaby showers are starting to get more popular in the UK. However, some people are put off by certain aspects of the idea. Showers don’t have to mean everyone crowded into a house or living room though. There are plenty of other stress-free ways to celebrate the pregnancy and the baby that’s on the way. 

Spa Party

 If you really want to pamper and spoil mum-to-be, why not treat her to a spa party. Gather together her favourite women and indulge in a day of massage, beauty treatments and relaxation. There will be plenty of chance for you all to chat and give gifts but you’ll also all go home feeling pampered and relaxed, especially the expectant mother.

Afternoon Tea

Instead of someone having to shop for a buffet, get their home ready and cater for everyone, why not pop out to a nice café or restaurant for afternoon tea? Chat, gossip and shower your pregnant friend/relative with gifts as you enjoy delicate cakes, finger sandwiches and freshly brewed tea.

Cookery Parties 

Cookery parties are great for baby showers. Many mums-to-be don’t want to just sit around and will relish the opportunity to learn something new and spend time luxuriating in the kitchen before baby comes along. Cooking parties are not all about chopping and peeling – it’s more about sipping, stirring, tasting and chatting as the group is led by an expert chef. At the end of the session you’ll have the chance to sit down and enjoy a delicious meal together.

You can book cookery parties online at today.

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