Buying Gifts For Knitters

Knitting GiftKnitting gifts can be given at more or less any time. Lots of knitters love to collect things, whether it is the latest new knitting tools, a fresh set of needles, new fashion yarn or a stylish new knitting bag to stow their tools in. If you aren’t a knitter yourself it can be a bit tricky to work out what a knitter would like for a present though, so we’ve put together some ideas to help you find something that will really bring a smile.

Knitting gifts are great for any occasion – birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day – why not?) or any other time when gifts are given. Even better, a lot of knitting tools are cheap enough for children to buy with their pocket money for mum, granny, big sister or whomever. There are also luxury items like designer wools or crochet kits, and plenty in between to fit any gift buying budget.

Know someone heading to college or university, or just moving out and on? Try a set of knitting needles and a few pattern books – ideal for self sufficient students, anyone looking to take up a new hobby or an existing knitter who won’t be able to borrow from mum and grandma any more!

Knitting books and pattern books are always a great choice. These are available in a variety of levels, from those just getting started to those sterling experts looking for their next pattern challenge. There are also plenty of knitting tools that are essential – not just needles! – which plenty of knitters already possess but won’t object to having multiples of. Target these sorts of items for stocking stuffers or gifts from the kids.

Knitting bags are a great idea but a lot of knitters are inherently frugal and just can’t justify the expense for themselves. Where normal bags and totes are just that – bags – a special knitting bag will have plenty of fitted pockets and sections for tools, needles, patterns, yarns and everything else a knitter on the go could possibly need. Some people like to have multiple bags for different projects so you can really go to town here if you want.

So remember those key principles for gifts for knitters – yarn, needles and accessories for pocket money and stocking stuffers, bags and books for bigger presents. You can even get complete knitting kits which have everything needed to create toys, clothes and accessories – great for established knitters after a self-contained project for a holiday trip, or first timers looking for something simple and easy to work on.

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