Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Dads

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for DadsWhat do you get mum for mother’s day? This can be a particular headache for dads (and other relatives) who need to help their kids choose (or make) an appropriate gift that will have the whole family chuckling.

Fortunately help is at hand – here’s a guide from the Gift Corner on some easy gifts which even kids can help add their own personal touch to and bring a smile to mum’s face on the day itself.

Homemade Cards

Mother's Day CardsAll you really need for this is some paper, glue, paints or crayons and a very large mop for the inevitable cleanup when the younger ones decide to decorate themselves as much as their present for mum.

If you want to go a step further and make something a bit more arts-and-crafty then papercraft stores like Readicut Crafts have a range of cardstock and embellishments, including the highly useful peel-and-stick variety which minimises the risk of your kids ingesting enough glue to stop an elephant in its tracks.

Decoupage (and Decopatch)

DecopatchBetter for older children who can safely use scissors themselves (unless you plan to spend the whole day snipping pictures out yourself), decoupage lets you turn any mundane household items into miniature works of exuberant art using little more than scraps of old magazines and a pot of paste. Check out our guide on how to do decoupage if you’re new to the idea.

Artier or more discerning kids (and their grown-up counterparts) might be more interested in decopatch, a more sophisticated brand name version of decoupage which uses supplied “blanks” as the base shape and a set of special papers to give an impressively smooth finish – although beware of making something that looks too good in case mum starts to wonder if her present really is homemade or not!


Mother's Day KeepsakesThese are less make-your-own and more pocket money style gifts for mum which children are likely to be able to afford. Handmade gifts (regardless of whose hand) are always popular and when coupled with a personalised (and glitter-bedecked) card can make a lovely gift to go on mum’s breakfast in bed tray in the morning. Don't worry about usefulness or longevity too much here, although there are some dedicated (and hoarding) mums who have entire boxes of these things to look over and smile at in later life when the little ones have flown the nest.

Try a local art fair or craft market. Online shops like Okey Dokey Wood also offer a nice range with a pleasingly rustic edge for garden and kitchen use.

Photo Frames

Mother's Day Photo FrameMother’s Day themed – or just Mum themed – photo frames are a lifesaver of a gift for most relatives. As well as usually being cheap enough to count under the pocket money gift market for older kids, photo frames can hold anything from a cherished baby picture to a snapshot from a recent outing to a handmade card or other gift – everything from macaroni pictures (remove the glass frontage first to prevent crushing) to glittery unicorn pictures and much else in between.

Online shops like Occasion Photo Frames have a decent range of Mother’s Day photo frames in stock and normally offer quite cheap postage – in fact you can even grab something for granny while you’re there as well (don’t forget grandmothers are still mothers, after all)!

Alternatively nab a cheap frame from your local pound shop and let the kids go nuts decorating it – yes, this does run the risk of having yourself glittery and sticky for the next few days but if anyone asks what your present to the mum in question was you can always offer a suave wink and point out that you’re the one who did the cleaning up once the kids were done making their presents...!

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