Mother's Day Present Ideas

Mother's Day Gift IdeasMother’s Day is a good day to show your mum how much you care and how much you appreciate all that she has done for you. Here are some present ideas to help you really make your mother’s day.


Of course your mum should have the day off to put her feet up and relax. In many households, mums are responsible for the majority of tasks in the home such as cooking and cleaning, so ensure on Mother’s Day that mum gets to take it easy.

For The Home

Many mums take pride in their home but don’t like to spend a lot of money on themselves. Mum will appreciate gift ideas which brighten up the home. Items such as ornaments and handmade wooden products will go down well.

Mum photo frames containing photographs with sentimental value will also be welcomed. Choose a nice one of you and your family and pick a photo frame that fits in with your mother’s home’s colour scheme and style.

Just For Mum

Alternatively, buy a gift that’s just for mum – a new dress, a manicure or a CD or DVD, for example. She may be reluctant to buy something for herself so this will be appreciated. Be wary of buying anything too practical – it can be taken wrong and might not be too much of a treat. New pan sets or supermarket vouchers are probably best avoided, unless expressly requested! If your mum has a hobby why not get her a knitting gift or a cross stitch kit, or perhaps a new hobbycraft book to help her find some new interests.

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