Gift Ideas for Women

  • Essential Gifts For Cross Stitch Enthusiasts

    Monday 25th March 2013
    If you know a lady who is into counted cross stitch, you’re in luck because you’ve got a fantastic go-to solution for any and all gift-giving occasions. The...

  • Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Dads

    Monday 25th February 2013
    What do you get mum for mother’s day? This can be a particular headache for dads (and other relatives) who need to help their kids choose (or make) an appropriate...

  • Mother's Day Crafts and Gifts

    Thursday 21st February 2013
    Mother’s day is coming up in March and if you are looking for gift ideas this year then why not craft your own present. There are plenty of handmade gifts that...

  • Grandma Photo Frame Gifts

    Friday 7th December 2012
    It is often said that pictures paint a thousand words, and photographs can give a sweet reminder of a long gone person or event who will never really come back again....

  • Getting Crafty with Needlecraft this Christmas

    Monday 26th November 2012
    There are many different types of needlecraft you can enjoy. It makes a really great hobby and you can make gifts for friends, family or a stunning centre piece for...

  • Enjoying Cookery Classes with Friends

    Monday 17th September 2012
    If you are looking for a really great activity for you and a friend to enjoy together then why not try an individual cookery class. You can treat a friend to a...

  • Buying Gifts For Knitters

    Monday 17th September 2012
    Knitting gifts can be given at more or less any time. Lots of knitters love to collect things, whether it is the latest new knitting tools, a fresh set of needles, new...

  • Mother's Day Present Ideas

    Monday 4th June 2012
    Mother’s Day is a good day to show your mum how much you care and how much you appreciate all that she has done for you. Here are some present ideas to help you...

  • Personalised Women's Gifts

    Tuesday 29th May 2012
    Personalised gifts make ideal presents for women. They are something to keep and treasure and show that thought and care has gone into choosing something for the...

  • Handicraft Gift Ideas

    Sunday 29th April 2012
    Handicrafts are an increasingly popular way to spend time. Craft gifts make ideal gifts for a number of reasons. Craft projects give the recipient an enjoyable way...

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